What a workout! I'm shining ALL OVER!! Wanted to say thank you. Thank you for providing a workout that TRULY is about your mind not the weightloss. Part way through the TIFF10 with the round the world burpees, I was starting to find it very tough but when on the video you said, you are strong, you can do this, this is about your strength of mind not losing weight, I fought back and believe it or not, tears. Yep because there and then you changed my mindset. Day 2 and I'm already getting much more than I bargained for. I've NEVER found this in any other program, gym or exercise group <3

‎Sarah Everett‎*

Is it dorky to say this program has honestly saved my life.....?

Zoe Camilleri*

Told my son "you can have a small bowl of ice cream now since you ate your dinner"...he replied "....ummmm No it is not in Tiffxo plan! I'm sticking to it! We all are! in fact..(walks to the freezer takes the ice cream out and put it in the bin)..."now we can have some choc trail mix now instead"
Hahahha Nawww my supportive ninja! He is loving this! Hahha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Elisha Louise*

I really enjoy online programs. When I saw that Tiff was doing a program combined with the people who did the food on another program I’ve had success with I knew it would really rock. The combination of Tiff’s martial arts and their delicious (but healthy) food was intriguing so I thought I’d just do a month and see what it was like. 2 months later and I am signed up for a third month. I have two favourite parts of TIFFXO. Tiff is adorable!! Her energy is infectious, you can’t help but smile when she is around. Then there’s the food! Oh my goodness. It’s so tasty yet easy to prepare and healthy. My biggest benefit since starting the program is the change in my tastes for food. I don’t crave or want sweet or fatty things as much. The support group kinda rocks too.

Mira Ns*

Ok ninjas, I feel like I have tried every 'weight loss program' there is, with varying success. This is the first one I have done where I don't feel like I'm just one of a huge group of participants. I really feel like this program was made just for me (which clearly it wasn't but I think that's the magic of Tiffiny Hall and her training style!!) this is also the only program where I have literally thrown away my scales. I haven't even measured myself. My goals have changed, now it's about feeling good in the skin I'm in. Thank you Tiff and the whole team xo

Michaela White*


Start Now!


Start Now!

One of my inspirations for joining TIFFXO was to feel & look good for my daughter's graduation which was tonight. I can tell you I felt fabulous!! But I got a whole lot more!! I feel so strong, empowered, motivated. And that's after only 4 weeks!

Helen Garner*

Today felt really great. After 4 weeks on most programs you're now into week 5 and not quite halfway as most go for 10-12 weeks. BUT, today being day 1 week 1 again, felt so much different and energised. Like resettting yourself. Saw my mum today, haven't seen her for few weeks. She commented that I looked different. Happy, glowing 😊😊 XO

Emma Sparrow Michel*

Love this program so so much. So easy to fit in to my life/work. I think I actually spend less time shopping/cooking because the list is done and you dont have to think.

Kylie Ayres*

1 month down of TIFFXO and I'm absolutely loving it. Great food, amazing exercise/shining, fabulous support group here & best of all... 2kgs down & 18cms lost! I've got so much more energy, my clothes fit better (wore a power suit to work today I haven't worn in 12 months) & my kids are enjoying the food too. #winning!

Thanks Team Tiff & Tiffiny Hall for such a great program! Shine bright Ninjas 💪🏽❤️

Sharon Polkinghorne*

Just did my first workout in weeks due to be sick (had still been following most of the meals) and I must say I am so very shiny atm. Also 1 month on the plan and I know scales are meant to be out the window but I'm happy as lost 6kg. This month I'll need to take measurements too. Happy December everyone 😊

Emma McMahon*

Day 1 - Loved the workout !! I used to do body combat classes at the gym until they cancelled them so I thoroughly enjoyed it 👊🏼  I think I have finally found the right program for me 💪🏻👊🏼

Rachel Ralph*

I have lost weight on the scales and cm's from everywhere and now fit back into my clothes again. I feel healthy and terrific and my body is now responding to healthy food and exercise as it always did in the past something that I had given up hope on!! I love this program and will be signing up each month it truely has changed my life!!

Helen Hilton*

This program has taught me how to eat well and make healthy food choices. I am seeing so much progress in my physical shape (now my arms have definition as well as abs) and those jeans are lose around my bum. I am eating more than I ever did but I feel nourished and healthy and strong! Thanks again Love TeamTiff Tiffiny Hall Kavalee for getting me out of the cycle of bingeing/starving/over-exercising and for providing the tools for me to enjoy food and exercise again ❤💜💕

Christie Jones*

I feel SO freaking shiny!!! Love this group & loving this program! So loving seeing everyone's hard work & yummy meals! 😘Xxx

Mel Lord*

I'm shining, smiling and burning #feelthatburn #shineon #tiffxo #workoutdone #readyfortheday #operationfitandsexy #48kgstolose

Bek Zande*

Big win for me this weekend. I've really been mindful of how non Tiff food (for lunch today) tastes and how alcohol affects my body.
I'm sooo not interested in drinking alcohol as much anymore, if at all ! Even my body wants the more healthy food options Tiffxo provides me with.
This is a huge deal. YES a break through 💪

Carrie Bruce*

Have done other programs/healthy recipes similar to this but this is the first time my fiance wants to and continues to eat the food! AND he's full! Going to have to stock up next week, he keeps eating all my snacks and leftovers!! 🙌🙌😍😍

Haylee Snowdon*

Soooo my hubby swore I bought the aioli from tonight's dinner from the shops! I had to make him more because he loved it so much so I made him watch me so he knew it was from Love Tiffxo!! Winning!!!! I think he will try more of the food now! 😊

Michaela White*

Omg who knew healthy could be so tasty... thank you team Love Tiffxo 💕💕

Monique Allen‎*

Just wanted to share my results so far. To say I was hesitant starting this program 4 weeks ago would be an understatement. I freaked out when I first saw the plan, I even emailed the Tiff team saying I didn't think it was manageable. Anyway 4 weeks on I've lost 5.8kgs on the strenght program as I'm breastfeeding (insert happy dance here)! I average 3-4 work outs a week and only do a low impact version and no Tiff 10 as my core and pelvic floor are still recovering from the birth of my second son 11 weeks ago. Thank you to Tiff and all the other ninjas for their support! I'm feeling so much better in myself, my family thanks you too as I'm much happier now! I'm continuing on next round hoping to continue to improve my fitness and lose more baby weight (still 10kgs to go).

Rebecca Ellison*

Thank you Love Tiffxo. I am pretty defeated today. It's been a long road with health issues and some days it just gets the better of me. I am sticking to my food and will definitely try the meditations tomorrow in an attempt to get myself in a better headspace. Can I just say that it is so incredible to be a part of a community that genuinely seem to care. It's like someone being kind to you when you forget how to be kind to yourself. Tiffiny Hall Kavalee you and your ninjas have become that friend I didn't even realise I needed.....thank you xo❤❤

Kylie Manley*

I just want to shout this from the rooftops and I figured this is the best place to do it... today for the first time in my life I can see definition in my abdominal muscles 💪🏻💪🏻😝😝 inside I'm crying happy tears 😅😅😂😂
If this is what can happen after two weeks I can't wait to see the results at the end of the four weeks and then into the future. I've been on this body transformation journey for almost six months now but never have I seen such fast results. Also, I'm ignoring the scales because it's more about how I look and feel and not a number on a machine.

Kirsty Gilford*

Tiffiny Hall Kavalee I am loving your program - you are amazing, your 20 minute workouts are perfect to squeeze into any busy day, and the food is diverse and so tasty. I'm feeling totally inspired. Thank you! 🙌🏽

Clare Meehan*

I just looked in the mirror and caught a smile looking back.... I think it's a side effect of this program. Thanks, and it's only day 3

Mel P*

Normally I'm pretty quiet and shy in groups (even online ones) but this community is so supportive, I feel like I want to share. Yesterday I had the smoothie for breakfast and I was so, so hungry afterwards - and feeling quite down about it ('Oh no, I'm already failing, what a surprise'). After awhile I remembered a) to be kind to myself and b) I have always been happier as a toast person not a smoothie person. I had the goat cheese and avocado toast this morning and I feel much more positive. It sounds silly but having a different breakfast has really made me feel so much better. We have to go easy on ourselves mentally and also listen to our bodies and what they need. (Hopefully that's the lesson here)

Manda D*

Tiff Chair
*No Ninja is the same - results may vary. Exercise, good food and a shiny attitude are needed to achieve weight loss, muscle gain and tone. Please discuss with your healthcare professional before starting ANY diet or fitness regime.